Japanese Dishes from Kotobuki

It's that time of year when the holiday parties and get-togethers start happening one after the other. We're loading our store up with all the best goodies for your entertaining and gifting needs.  One of our favorite new lines this month comes from a company called Kotobuki. Their painted porcelain dishes and dish sets are exquisite and come straight from Japan.  The prices are very reasonable too, especially for the quality you get when purchasing these pretty bowls and cups.  You can buy them in sets or mix and match your patterns.  We have different sizes too.  We love the larger bowls for salads and pasta and the small bowls are perfect for a sweet treat 🙂 Whether they're a gift for you or for someone else, Kotobuki's porcelain dishes are a great buy. Eating it l is always more fun with pretty vessels. Come by Collections in Makawao today to see them and everything new that's arriving daily. Aloha!