Handmade Beaded Animals

At Collections we're always looking for little gifts and treasures that are unique and special. Something you won't find just anywhere.  This week we want to share with you some special hand beaded creatures we picked up at our last tradeshow in NYC. 

Monkeybiz is a South Africa based company dedicated to reviving the traditional craft of African beadwork while also empowering women to become financially independent.  Since 2000 they have supported 320 bread artists who create these amazing beaded animals.  No two are alike and all of the profits from their sales go back into the community of Cape Town.  So, if you buy one of these amazing works of handmade art, not only will you be getting a one of a kind piece to appreciate, you will also be supporting a great cause! Come by Collections in Makawao today to check them out. They won't be around long! Aloha