Handcrafted Maui-Made Raku Pottery

This week at Collections we’re thrilled to be showcasing some beautiful ceramic Raku vases handcrafted in Upcountry Maui by local artisan, Rob Spenser.

Raku Pots5

Using the 20th century Western variation of the practice, an evolution of the traditional Korean and Japanese techniques, the vases are formed using a throwing wheel, then heated quickly using high temperatures and cooled quickly, resulting in intense color and unique patterns.  During the cooling process the pots are placed in a barrel filled with combustible material creating smoke which stains the unglazed portions of the pottery black.  The amount of oxygen allowed during the firing and cooling process determines the color of the glaze and the amount of crackle.  These practices have become popular with modern potters because of the unpredictable results and the vibrant colors and metallic properties that are created. The pots are very reasonably priced, especially for original pieces of art, starting at just $45 and going up to $125 for the largest and more intricate pieces.  So, if you’re interested in some exceptionally special and one of a kind Raku pottery from Maui’s own, Rob Spenser, stop in to Collections in Makawao today.  Aloha!

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