Maui Wood Map

Our newest piece of island inspired art features the beautiful and majestic island of Maui in a medium not seen before.

Wood Maui Map

The Maui Wood Map is a framed representation of the island which highlights the main highways and towns along with the ocean depths and channels surrounding the island for a nautical theme.  The wood is laser etched and cut Baltic birch wood which is then stained and assembled by hand.  The framed work is encased in glass and comes ready to hang with mounting hardware.  At 16’’x20’’ the map is a nice size perfect for a living room, library, or office.  These maps make great gifts for those of us who love the island and feel that, “Maui No Ka Oi!”  At a flat rate of just $169 the maps can be drop-shipped straight from the company anywhere within the continental U.S. within just a few days making it convenient and hassle free to get them home.  If you want something unique, attractive, and conversational, call us or come by Collections today for your Maui Wood Map.  Aloha! 808.572.0781