See the Latest Looks from Fresh Laundry Los Angeles

Fresh Laundry’s newest spring 2012 line captures the essence of casual chic with versatile basics to carry you through the season in some of the hottest colors we know you’ll love! Comfortable and breathable linen and cotton fabrics make their apparel a perfect fit for the warmer weather while offering a classic sense of style too.  Some of our favorites are the cute striped linen shorts in ‘sky’, flared linen pants in colors like’ caribe’ and classic white, and seamed maxi skirt in navy.  Spring is one of the most fun seasons for fashion and at Collections we have a full store of the latest trends from brands like Fresh Laundry, XCVI, Lauren Vidal, and Luna Luz just to name a few!  We hope you will join in on the fun!  Come visit our store today or any day of the week from  9-6pm or 11-5pm on Sunday.   Or, give us a call at 808.572.0781.  Aloha!

Fresh Laundry Linen Skirt in Aloe, Caribe, and Reef

Fresh Laundry Striped Linen Shorts in Sky

Fresh Laundry Striped 34 Sleeve Top in Reef

Fresh Laundry Slant Pocket Tee in Golden

Fresh Laundry Seamed Skirt in Navy

Fresh Laundry Linen Fold Over Shorts in Reef

Fresh Laundry Flared Linen Pants in Caribe

Fresh Laundry Flared Linen Pants in Cargo Stripe