New Accessories and Items for the Home at Collections

Decorative Trays from RockFlowerPaper and Readers glasses from eye-bobs. One of the prettiest items we have for your home are serving trays from a company called RockFlowerPaper out of Petaluma, California. Sylvia Gonzalez, the company’s owner, is known among collectors for her amazing compositions of fruit, vegetables, birds, and insects, which can be seen on the trays in our store.  They offer a beautiful way to present your guests with drinks, desserts, or just make a great compliment to a coffee table or ottoman in your living space.  We also have a new assortment of drinking glasses from Morocco which are a chic way to dress up the table setting at your next dinner party.  Colorful glass and classic etched designs make them a must have!

Buddha Tray from RockFlowerPaper

Dragonfly Tray From RockFlowerPaper

Flower Trays From RockFlowerPaper

Owl and Shell Trays From RockFlowerPaper

Moroccan Drinking Glasses

As most of our faithful customers know, we always keep a wide selection of reader glasses in our shop with something for every style, taste, and price point.  Now, with the addition of readers by Eyebobs, we truly have every look imaginable, including some of the more trendy styles like square shapes and bright, funky colors.  They say the average reader needer has 10-12 pair, so why not make Eyebobs a part of the lineup!  They are a great way to accessorize an outfit and are functional too!  Come in today to try on some new styles and find your perfect pair of readers, or a beautiful decorative tray and some Moroccan glassware.  Hope to see you soon!

Reader Glasses From eye-bobs