Jewelry from Ayala Bar and Moon Alley Candles

Some of the latest finds for the holiday season include beautiful and unique pieces from Ayala Bar and handcrafted candles from Moon Alley. At Collections we love to find new artisans who offer unique ideas and looks to bring into the shop for our customers.  Ayala Bar’s line of jewelry is one of our latest finds which we think is very special and a must have accessory to mix-up your wardrobe.  Ayala Bar was born in Israel and lives there currently.  After graduating with an Art degree she worked in theater and interior design before becoming known as a prominent Israeli jeweler in the 1980’s.  Her pieces are considered limited editions made from natural elements, glass, metals, and fabrics to form mosaic inspired designs.  They truly are wearable works of art, perfect to add some classy edge to an outfit.

Ayala Bar Assorted Necklaces

Ayala Bar Earrings

Ayala Bar Necklace

Moon Alley candles are one of our favorite items for your home and also for a gift.  They are handcrafted in Murphys, California with many different designs from Asian inspired pieces like the Geisha or Cherry Blossom to mermaids and butterflies among many others.  The designs are carved pieces of wax which become illuminated when the flame is lit, bringing the art to life.  The candles are made from premium paraffin wax and a unique feature is that the exterior can be preserved, while the interior wax burns away.  They are a beautiful way to bring light into your home, or someone else’s.

Assorted Moon Alley Candles

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